Snooky Pryor  Big Walter Horton  Floyd & Moody Jones
 George Smith  Henry Gray  Johnny Shines
 Big Maceo  John Brim  
 Little Johnny Jones  J.B. Lenoir  
 Johnny Young  Sunnyland Slim  

Snooky Pryor Discography 1948-late 1950s

V/hca with Moody Jones, g. Chicago, 1948
1.Boogie (A)(I)
2.Telephone blues (A)(I)

V/hca with Leroy Foster,g ; Moody Jones,b Chicago,1949
3.Boogie fool [JOB 101] (B)(C)
4.Raisin' sand [JOB 101] (B)(C)

V/hca/Prob.d with Sunnyland Slim, p; Moody Jones, b Chicago, 28 Apr 1952
5.Fine boogie (A)(B)
6.I'm getting tired [JOB 115] (A)(B)
7.Going back on the road [JOB 115] (A)(B)

V/hca/Prob.d with Sunnyland Slim, p; Moody Jones,g ; unk, b ; Chicago, 1952/3
8.Hold me in your arms (A)(B)
9.Real fine boogie (A)(B)
10. Harp instrumental (A)

V/hca/Prob.d with Eddie Taylor, Moody Jones,g ; Chicago, 1953
11. Cryin' shame [JOB 1014] (B)(C)
12. Eighty nine ten [JOB 1014] (B)(C)

V/hca with Lazy Bill Lucas, p; unk, g ; Moody Jones, b ; unk, d Chicago, 1953
13.Crosstown blues [Parrot 807] (D)
14.I want you for myself [Parrot 807] (D)

V/hca with Lazy Bill Lucas, p; Homesick James, g Chicago, 1954
15.I'm going away (E)
16.Rest a little while (E)

V/hca with unk g; b ; d Chicago, mid-1950s
17.Stop the train conductor (A)(B)
18.Stop the train conductor [take2,3] (B)
19.Walking boogie (A)(B)

V/hca with Johnny Young, Floyd Jones, g ; Earl Phillips, d Chicago, 17 Jul 1956
A date with my baby (unissued)
20.Someone to love me [VJ 215] (F)(G)
21.Someone to love me [alt tk] (F)(G)
22.You tried to ruin me baby (F)(G)
23.Judgment Day [VJ 215] (F)(G)
24.Judgment Day [alt tk] (F)(G)

V/hca with Sylvester Sylvester Plunkett, g ; J.C. Hurds, b ; Little Joe Harris, d Chicago late 1950s
25.Uncle sam don't take my man [JOB 1126] (A)
26.Uncle sam don't take my man [alt tk] (B)
27.Boogie twist [JOB1126] (A)(B)
28.Big guns (B)
29.Can't we get this straight (B)
30.My head is turning grey (A)(H)
31.I can't feel good no more [alt tk] (H)

(A) Snooky Pryor (Paula CD-11)
(B) Real Fine Boogie (P-Vine PCD-2158)
(C) Chicago Blues Harmonica (Paula CD-19)
(D) Hand Me Down Blues (Relic 7015)
(E) Chicago Anthology (Sunnyland KS-101) [LP]
(F) Billy Boy Arnold & Snooky Pryor (P-Vine PCD-5265)
(G) Combination Blues (Charly 1042) [LP]
(H) Baby Face Leroy & Floyd Jones (Flyright FLY-584) [LP]
Chicago Blues Hard Times (Indigo IGOCD 2095)

George Smith Discographiy 1955-1982

"Little" George Smith
V/hca with unk p-1 ; g ; b ; d. Kansas City, Mo, 1955
1.Blues In The Dark [RPM 434] (A)(B)
2.Telephone Blues -1 [RPM 434] (A)(B)
3.Blues Stay Away [RPM 442] (A)(B)
4.Blues Stay Away [alt] [P-VINE PCD 3007] (A)
5. Oopin Doopin Doopin [RPM 442] (A)(B)
6. Oopin Doopin' Doopin' [alt] [Ace CD 337] (A)(B)

V/hca with 2 unk gs ; b ; d.
7.Rockin' [Ace LP 60] (A)(B)
8.Rocking [alt] [Ace CD 337] (A)(B)
9.Early One Monday Morning [tk 1] [Ace CD 337] (A)(B)
10.Early One Monday Morning [tk 2] [Ace CD 337] (A)(B)

George Smith
add Maxwell Davis & another, saxes-1. Omit hca-2 Culver City, Ca, 1956
11.Love Life-1 [RPM 456] (A)(B)
12.Cross Eyed Suzie Lee-1,2 [RPM 456] (A)(B)
13.Cross Eyed Suzie Lee [alt] [P-VINE PCD 3007] (A)
14.California Blues [Ace LP 60] (A)(B)
15.California Blues [alt] [Ace CD 337] (A)(B)
16.Down In New Orleans (Hey Mr. Porter) [RPM 478] (A)(B)
17.Hey Mr. Porter [alt] [Ace CD 337] (A)(B)
18.You Don't Love Me [RPM 478] (A)(B)
19.I Found My Baby [Kent LP 9003] (A)(B)
20.I Found My Baby [alt] [Ace LP 60] (A)(B)
21.Let's Go Out Tonight (Have Myself A Ball) [Ace LP 60] (A)

Little Walter Jr.
V/hca with unk p ; b ; d. Los Angeles, 1956
22. Miss O Malley's Rally [Lapel 100] (C)(D)(U)
23. I Don't Know [Lapel 100] (C)(D)(U)

Harmonica King & His Band
V/hca-1 with unk ts; g ; b ; d.
24.All Last Night [Lapel 103] (C)(E)(U)
25.Hot Rolls-1 [Lapel 103] (C)(D)(U)

George Smith & His Harmonica
V/hca with unk org ; b ; d. Los Angeles, 1957
26.West Helena Blues [J&M 001/2, Sotoplay 0029/30] (C)(E)(U)
27.Go Ahead On Woman [J&M 001/2, Sotoplay 0029/30] (E)
28.(As) Long As I Live [Carolyn 1420] (C)(F)(U)
29.Nobody Knows [Carolyn 1420] (C)(F)(U)

George Allen
V/hca with unk org-1 ; J.D. Nicholson,p-2 ; Pete Lewis,g ; unk b ; Chuck Thomas, d; unk vb-1. Omit hca-3 Los Angeles, 1960
30.Time Won't Be Hard Always-2 [Sotoplay 0010, 0031/2] (C)(F)(G)(U)
32.Tight Dress [Sotoplay 0010, 0031/2] (C)(F)(G)(U)
33.Loose Screws [Sotoplay 0012] (C)(F)(U)
34. The Will To Go On-1,2,3 [Sotoplay 0012]

with Jimmy Nolen Band
V/hca(except-1) with Eldee Williams, Paul Madison, Wille Randell, saxes ; Ernest Lane, p ; Jimmy Nolen, g ; Bob Tate, Curtis Tillman, b ; Chuck Thomas, d ; v grp-1. Los Angeles, 1961/5
35.Until You Come Home [Sotoplay 0018/9] (C)(U)
36.I Want A Woman [El Segundo ESR 98001] (C)(U)
37.Sometimes You Win When You Lose [Sotoplay 0021/2] (C)(F)(U)
38.Come On Home [Sotoplay 0021/2] (C)(U)
39.You Can't Undo What's Been Done [Sotoplay 0023/4] (C)(F)(U)
40.Rope That Twist [Sotoplay 0023/4] (C)(U)
41. I Must Be Crazy-1 [Sotoplay 0031/2] (C)(U)

V/hca with unk g ; b ; d. Los Angeles, 1966
42.Brown Mule [Sotoplay 51] (C)(F)(U)
43.Good Things [Sotoplay 51] (C)(F)(G)(U)

George Smith
V/hca with unk org-1 ; Marshall Hooks, g-2 ; Curtis Tillman, b ; Chuck Thomas, d. Los Angeles, 1966
44.Summertime [Carolyn 600] (C)(U)
45.The Avalon Boogaloo [Carolyn 600] (C)(U)
46.Yes Baby-1,2 [Carolyn 005,007] (C)(F)(G)(U)
47.Blowing The Blues-1 [Carolyn 005,007] (C)(F)(G)(U)
48.Trap Meat [Carolyn 007] (C)(U)

No details.
49. Just Bluesin' (Live) [Wolf 120.616 CD] (H)

V/hca with Otis Spann, p ; Muddy Waters, g ; Luther Johnson, g-1 ; Marshall Hooks, g-2 ; Little Sonny Wimberley, b ; S.P. Leary, d. Los Angeles, 2-4 Oct 1968
50.Can't Hold Out Much Longer [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
51.Juke-2 [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
52.Key To The Highway-2 [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
53.Everything's Gonna Be Alright-1 [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
54.Tell Me Mama-1 [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
55.Last Night-1 [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
56.You Better Watch Yourself-1 [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
57.West Helena Woman [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
58.My Babe [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
59.Too Late [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
60.Mellow Down Easy [WP LP 21887] (I)(J)
61.Goin' Down Slow [Capitol 36288] (J)
62.Just A Feelin' [Capitol 36288] (J)

V/hca with Lightnin' Rod (Piazza), hca-1 ; Richard Davis, tp ; Jim Wynn, Ed Davis, saxes ; Robert Schedel, p ; Marshall Hooks, Arthur Adams, gs ; unk b ; d. Los Angeles, 27/8 Feb 1969
63.Blues For Reverend King [Bw LP 6029] (K)
64.Ode To Billie Joe [Bw LP 6029] (K)
65.Got My Mojo Working [Bw LP 6029] (K)
66.Help Me-1 [Bw LP 6029] (K)
67.Juicy Harmonica [Bw LP 6029] (K)
68.Milk That Cow [Bw LP 6029] (K)
69.Hawaiian Eye [Bw LP 6029] (K)
70.A Letter To The President-1 [Bw LP 6029] (K)
71.If You Were A Rabbit-1 [Bw LP 6029] (K)

V(except-1)/hca with J.D. Nicholson, p ; Buddy Reed, Greg Schaefer, gs ; Jerry Smith, b ; Dick Innes, d. Los Angeles, 16 Nov 1969
72.Smalls On 53rd [unissued]
73.Loose It-1 [Blue Moon LP 1.029] (L)
74.Mannish Boy [Blue Moon LP 1.029] (L)
75.Avalon Boogaloo [Blue Moon LP 1.029] (L)

Add Pee Wee Crayton, g-1 ; Marshall Hooks, g-2. Los Angeles, 17/18 Nov 1969
76.Before You Do Your Thing [BH LP 7-63856] (M)
77.Good Things-1 [BH LP 7-63856] (M)
78.Mississippi River Blues [BH LP 7-63856] (M)
79.Don't Want To Go Baby [BH LP 7-63856] (M)
80.Blue Switch [BH LP 7-63856] (M)
81.Soul Feet [BH LP 7-63856] (M)
82.Someday You're Gonna Learn [BH LP 7-63856] (M)
83.No Time For Jive-2 [BH LP 7-63856] (M)

Bacon Fat
V/hca with J.D. Nicholson, p ; Buddy Reed, Greg Schaefer, gs ; Jerry Smith, b ; Dick Innes, d. Los Angeles, Nov 1969
84.Telephone Blues [BH LP 7-63858] (N)(W)

Bacon Fat
V/hca with Rod Piazza, hca ; J.D. Nicholson, p ; Buddy Reed, Greg Schaefer, gs ; Jerry Smith, b ; Dick Innes, d. London 18 Nov 1970
85.Leaving On Your Mind [BH LP 2431001] (O)(X)

V/hca with J.D. Nicholson, p/v-1 ; Buddy Reed , g ; Greg Schaefer, g/p-2 ; Jerry Smith, b ; Dick Innes, d, ; Mike Vernon, v-3/g-4/perc. London 18 Nov 1970
86.McComb Mississippi-Part 1 [Decca LP 18059] (P)
87.Situation Blues [Decca LP 18059] (P)
88.Roaming [Decca LP 18059] (P)
89.Blue Fog [Decca LP 18059] (P)
90.On My Mind-3 [Decca LP 18059] (P)
91.Viola B-4 [Decca LP 18059] (P)
92.Monkey On A Limb-2 [Decca LP 18059] (P)
93.Trying To Hide The Things I Do [Decca LP 18059] (P)
94.Fire Exit-1 [Decca LP 18059] (P)
95.She's Coming Home To Stay [Decca LP 18059] (P)
96.McComb Mississippi-Part 2 [Decca LP 18059] (P)

George "Harmonica" Smith

V/hca with J.D. Nicholson,p ; Bill Potter,ts ; Steve Wachsman,g ; Bruce Wachsman,b ; Todd Nelson,d. Washington 1971
97. Mississippi River Blues (V)
98. Juke (V)

V/hca with Jim Borden, p ; William Clarke, hca ; Craig Printup, g ; Al Bedrosian, b ; Matt Goodwine, d. Los Angeles, 1978
99. Teenage Girl [Hittin Heavy 1001] (C)
100. Teardrops Falling [Hittin Heavy 1001] (C)

V/hca with Phillip Walker, Mituyoshi Azuma, gs ; Dennis Walker, b ; Johnny Tucker, d. Tokyo 28 Nov 1979
101. Blues Blowin' Up [Yupiteru LP 23-4002] (Q)

V/hca with Johnny Dollar, Sammy Lawhorn, gs ; Nick Charles, b ; Roosevelt Shaw d. Paris, Nov 1980
102. West Helena Blues [Black & Blue CD 604.2] (R)

V/hca with William Clarke, hca ; Fred Kaplan, p/g. Los Angeles, Feb 1981
103. Hard Times [Black Magic BMCD 9016] (S)

V/hca with Honey Alexander, p ; Jr. Watson, g ; Bill Stuve, b ; Bill Swartz, d. Watts CA, Apr 1982
104. Sunbird [Murray Bros MB 1001] (G)(T)
105. Going Down Slow [Murray Bros MB 1001] (G)(T)
106. Chicago City [Murray Bros MB 1001] (G)(T)
107. 44 [Murray Bros MB 1001] (T)
108. Peg O' My Heart [Murray Bros MB 1001] (G)(T)
109. Astatic Stomp [Murray Bros MB 1001] (G)(T)
110. Manish Boy [Murray Bros MB 1001] (T)
111. Bad Start [Murray Bros MB 1001] (G)(T)
112. Boogie'n With George [Murray Bros MB 1001] (G)(T)
113. I Left My Heart [Murray Bros MB 1001] (G)(T)
114. Last Chance [Blind Pig BPCD 5049] (G)

(A) Oopin' Doopin' Blues Harp (P-VINE PCD-3007)
(B) Harmonica Ace (Ace CDCHD 337)
(C) Blowing The Blues (El Segundo ESR 98001)
(D) Elko Blues Vol.1 (Wolf 120.614 CD)
(E) Elko Blues Vol.2 (Wolf 120.615 CD)
(F) Blowin' The Blues (P-VINE PLP-703) [LP]
(G) Now You Can Talk About Me (Blind Pig BPCD 5049)
(H) Elko Blues Vol.3 (Wolf 120.616 CD)
(I) Blues With A Feeling/A Tribute To Little Walter (World Pacific WPS-21887) [LP]
(J) Chicago Blues Masters Vol.3 (Capitol 7243 8 36288 2 7)
(K) ...Of The Blues (BluesWay BLS-6029) [LP]
(L) Live At Small's Paradise (Blue Moon BMLP 1.029) [LP]
(M) No Time For Jive (Blue Horizon COL 478292 2)
(N) Grease One For Me (Blue Horizon 7-63858) [LP]
(O) Tough Dude (Blue Horizon 2431001) [LP]
(P) Arkansas Trap (Decca DES 18059) [LP]
(Q) The Blues Show! Live At Pit Inn (P-VINE PCD-5330)
(R) Chicago Blues Festival Vol.4 (Black & Blue BB604.2)
(S) Hard Times (Black Magic BMCD 9016)
(T) Boogie'n With George (Murray Brothers MB 1001)
(U) Blowing The Blues (Official 15504)
(V) Blues Revue Of The 20th Century (P-VNE PCD-24083)
(W) Grease One For Me (Rod's Custom Harp Mics)
(X) Tough Dude (The SM CD Label)

Big Maceo Discography 1941-1950

V/p with Tampa Red,g/v-1 ; Ransom Knowling,b-2. Chicago, 24 June 1941
1.Worried Life Blues [BB B8827](A)(B)
2.Ramblin' Mind Blues-2 [BB B8798](A)(B)
3.County Jail Blues [BB B8798](A)(B)
4.Can't You Read-1 [BB B8772](A)(B)
5.So Long Baby-2 [BB B8772](A)(B)
6.Texas Blues [BB B8827](A)(B)

V/p with Tampa Red,g ; Alfred Elkins,imb. Chicago, 19 Des 1941
7.Tuff Luck Blues [BB B8973](A)(B)
8.I Got The Blues [BB B8939](A)(B)
9.It's All Up To You [BB B8973](B)(D)
10.Bye, Bye, Baby [BB B9012](A)(B)
11.Why Should I Hang Around? [BB B8939](B)(D)
12.Poor Kelly Blues [BB B9012](A)(B)

V/p with Tampa Red,g ; Clifford Jones,d. Chicago, 28 July 1942
13.Some Sweet Day (A)(B)
14.Anytime For You [BB34-0703](A)(B)
15.My Last Go Round (A)(B)
16.Since You Been Gone [BB34-0703](A)(B)

P with Tyrell Dixon,d. Chicago, 19 Feb 1945
17.Flyin' Boogie(Macy Special)(D)

V/p with Tampa Red,g ; Melvin Draper,d. Chicago, 26 Feb 1945
18.Kid Man Blues [BB34-0735](A)(C)
19.I'm So Worried [Vic20-2525](A)(C)
20.Things Have Changed [BB34-0735](A)(C)
21.My Own Troubles [Vic20-2353](A)(C)

V/p with Tampa Red,speech-1/g ; Tyrell Dixon,d. Chicago, 5 July 1945
22.Maceo's 32-20 [Vic20-2028](A)(C)
23.Come On Home [Vic20-2173](C)(D)
24.Texas Stomp-1 [Vic20-2028](A)(C)
25.Detroit Jump-1 [Vic20-2173](A)(C)

V/p with Tampa Red,g ; Charles Saunders,d. Chicago, 15 Oct 1945
26.Winter Time Blues [BB34-0743](A)(C)(D)
27.Won't Be A Fool No More [Vic20-1870](A)(C)
28.Big Road Blues [Vic20-1870](A)(C)
29.Chicago Breakdown [BB34-0743](A)(C)

V with Eddie Boyd,p ; Tampa Red,g ; Big Crawford,b ; Charles Saunders,d. Chicago, 27 Feb 1947
30.Break And Hungry Blues [Vic20-2687](C)(D)
31.If You Ever Change Your Ways [Vic20-2910](C)(D)
32.It's All Over Now [Vic20-2505](C)(D)
33.I Lost My Little Woman [Vic20-2353](C)(D)

V with Johnny Jones,p ; Tampa Red,g ; Ransom Knowling,b ; Odie Payne,d. Chicago, 14 Apr 1949
34.One Sunday Morning [Sp 346](D)
35.Just Tell Me Baby [Sp 346](D)
36.Do You Remember [Sp 320](D)
37.Big City Blues [Sp 320](D)

V/p with Grace Brim,hca-1 ; James Watkins,p(Right hand only) ; John Brim,g ; Alonzo Tucker,d. Detroit, 1950
38.Leavin' Blues [Fortune 137](D)
39.Have You Heard About It [Fortune 137](D)(E)
40.Worried Life Blues No.2 [Fortune 805](D)(E)
41.Strange To Me Blues [Fortune 805](D)
42.Without You My Life Don't Mean A Thing-1 [Fortune LP3002](D)
43.Eloise, Don't Play Me For A Fool-1 [Fortune LP3002](F)(G)

(A) The King Of Chicago Blues Piano (Folklyric CD 7009)
(B) Big Maceo/The Bluebird Recordings 1941-1942 (RCA 66722)
(C) Big Maceo/The Bluebird Recordings 1945-1947 (RCA 66716)
(D) Charlie Spand-Big Maceo (Old Tramp OTCD-04)
(E) A Fortune Of Blues Vol.1 (Regency RR 119)
(F) A Fortune Of Blues Vol.2 (Regency RR 120)
(G) Too Late, Too Late Vol.5 (Document DOCD 5411)

Little Johnny Jones Discography 1949-1964

V/p with Muddy Waters,Leroy Foster,g/d. Chicago, 1949
1.Big Town Playboy [Arct 405](H)
2.Shelby County Blues [Arct 405](H)

V/p with J.T. Brown,ts ; Elmore James,g ; Ransom Knowling,b ; Odie Payne,d. Chicago, Oct 1953
3.Sweet Little Woman(Dirty By The Dozen) [Flair 1010](J)
4.I May Be Wrong [Flair 1010](J)

V/p with J.T. Brown,ts ; Elmore James,g ; Ransom Knowling,b ; Odie Payne,d. Chicago, 9 Oct 1953
5.Wait Baby [Atl LP7227](K)(O)
6.Hoy, Hoy [Atl 1045](L)(O)
7.Hoy, Hoy(alt. tk.) [Atl LP7227](K)(O)
8.Chicago Blues [Atl LP7227](K)(O)
9.Doin' The Best I Can(Up The Line) [Atl 1045](K)(O)

V/p with Willie Dixon,b. Chicago, 1963
10.Johnny's Boogie [Flyright LP549](M)

V-1/p with Billy Boy Arnold,v-2/hca. Chicago, 25 Jun 1963
11.The Dirty Dozens-1 [Alligator LP4717](N)
12.Hello Baby-1 [Alligator LP4717](N)
13.Sloppy Drunk-2 [Alligator LP4717](M)(N)
14.Worried Life Blues-1 [Alligator LP4717](N)
15.I Believe I'll Give It Up-1 [Alligator LP4717](N)
16.Early In The Morning-2 [Alligator LP4717](M)(N)
17.One Room Country Shack-2 [Alligator LP4717](N)
18.She Wants To Sell My Monkey-1 [Alligator LP4717](N)
19.I Hear My Black Name Ringing-2 [Alligator LP4717](N)
20.Ouch !-1 [Alligator LP4717](N)
21.Nine Below Zero-1 [Alligator LP4717](N)
22.I Have Got To Go-2 [Alligator LP4717](N)
23.Love Her With A Feeling-1 [Alligator LP4717](N)
24.My Little Machine-2 [Flyright LP549](M)
25.Going To The River-2 [Flyright LP549](M)

V/p with poss Boyd Atkins,ts ; Lee Jackson,g ; unk b ; d. Chicago, 1964
26.Prison Bound Blues [Rooster 23](45s)
27.Don't You Lie To Me [Rooster 23](45s)
28.I Get Evil [unissued]

(H) Walkin' The Blues/The Blues Piano Chicago Style (MCA MVCM-22100)
(I) Rockin' With J.T. (Flyright 4712) [LP]
(J) Elmore James/Classic Early Recordings (P-VINE PCD3023-5)
(K) Blues Piano Chicago Plus (Atlantic SD 7227) [LP]
(L) Blues Masters Vol.5/Jump Blues Classics (Rhino R2 71125)
(M) Live At Fickle Pickele (Flyright 549) [LP]
(N) Johnny Jones with Billy Boy Arnold (Alligator ALCD 4717)
(O) Messing With The Blues-Atlantic Blues (Ace CDCHD 773)

Johnny Young Discography 1947-1973

& His Mandolin
V-1/mdn with Johnny Williams,v-2/g/speech-1. Chicago, 1947
1.Worried man blues-2 [Ora-Nelle 712] (A)(X)
2.Money taking woman(take 1)-1 [Ora-Nelle 712] (A)(X)
3.Money taking woman(take 2)-1 [Barrelhouse LP 04] (A)

Man Young
V/mdn with Snooky Pryor,hca; Johnny Williams,g. Chicago, 1948
4.My baby walked out [Planet 103/4,Old Swingmaster 19] (B)(X)
5.Let me ride your mule [Planet 103/4,Old Swingmaster 19] (B)(X)

No details. Chicago,
6.Blues and trouble [JOB unissued]
7.One more time [JOB unissued]

Johnny Young
V/g/mdn with Slim Willis,hca; Otis Spann,p; Robert Whitehead,d. Chicago, 1962/64
8.Mean old train [unissued]
9.My baby walked out in 1954 [Te LP 2203] (D)(Z)
10.You make me feel so good [Te LP 2203] (D)
11.You make me feel so good (alt tk) [Te LP 2226] (E)
12.Bad blood [Te LP 2203] (D)(Z)
13.Let me ride your mule [Te LP 2203] (D)(Z)
14.Prison bound [Te LP 2226] (E)(Z)
15.I got it [Te LP 2226] (E)(Z)
16.Humpty Dumpty [Te LP 2226] (E)(Z)

V/mdn with slim Willis,hca; Otis Spann,p.
17.I tried not to cry [Te LP 01] (C)
18.Tribute to J.F.K. [Te CD 5007] (C)

V/g with Jimmy Walker,p.
19.Pony blues [Sv(DK) LP 180] (F)
20.My home ain't here [Te LP 2226] (E)
21.Back to Chicago [Te LP 2203] (D)(Z)
22.Want my lovin' [Te CD 5003] (E)

V/mdn with John Wrencher,hca; John Lee Granderson,g.
23.Green door blues [Sv(DK) LP 181] (G)
24.Sugar Farm blues [Te LP 2226] (E)
25.Kid man blues [Te LP 2226] (E)
26.Blues for big time [Te CD 5003] (E)
27.Bumble bee [Te CD 5003] (E)
28.Instrumental [Te CD 5003] (E)
29.Highway 61 [Te CD 6004] (H)
30.Jumpin' on eight [Te CD 6004] (H)
31.Stealin' [Te CD 6004] (H)
32.Mandolin rock [Te CD 6004] (H)
33.I tried to get you off my mind [Te CD 6004] (H)

V/mdn with John Wrencher,hca; Robert Night Hawk,g.
34.Meet me in the bottom [Te LP 2226] (E)(Z)

V/mdn with Little Walter, hca; Jimmy Walker,p.
35.Money takin' woman [Te LP 2203] (D)(Z)
36.Tired of your smiling [Te LP 2203] (D)(Z)
37.Hear that whistle [Milestone LP 3002] (I)
38.I'm leaving baby [Te LP 2226] (E)(Z)
39.Forty four blues [Te LP 2226] (E)
40.Crawing kingsnake [Te CD 6004] (H)

V/g with Walter Horton,hca; Jimmy Walker,p.
41.All my money gone [Te LP 2226] (E)(Z)
42.Did you get that letter? [Te LP 2226] (E)
43.Blues and trouble [Te LP 2226] (E)
44.Whoop it up [Te LP 2226] (E)(Z)

V/g/mdn with Slim Willis,hca; Otis Spann,p; Robert Whitehead,d. Chicago, 19 May 1964
45.Why did you break my heart [Python LP 10] (J)
46.Better cut that out [Python LP 10] (J)
47.I believe you need a shot [Python LP 10] (K)
48.My baby walked out and left me [Jefferson CD 12653/4] (J)
49.Step by, baby [Python LP 10] (J)
50.Monkey faced woman [Jefferson CD 12653/4] (J)
51.Johnny's boogie [unissued]

Johnny Young & Little Walter
V/g with Little Walter,hca; Jimmy Walker,p. Chicago, 1964
52.Baby, You don't have to go [Te CD 6011] (L)
53.Bumble bee [Te CD 6004] (H)

V/g with Robert Night Hawk,g; Michael Bloomfield,g. Chicago, 1964
54.The sun is shining [P-VINE PCD 5527/28] (M)
55.All I want for my breakfast [P-VINE PCD 5527/28] (M)

V/g/mdn with Walter Horton,hca; Henry Gray,p; Mighty Joe Young,g; Willie Dixon,b; Clifton James,d. Chicago,
56.One more time [De LP 4784] (N)(Z)
57.Little girl [De LP 4784] (N)(Z)

& His Chicago Blues Band
V/mdn with Otis Spann,p. Chicago,22 Nov 1965
58.Keep your nose out of my business [Arh LP 1029] (O)
59.I'm doing all right [Arh LP 1029] (O)
60.Moaning and groaning [Arh LP 1029] (O)
61.Stealin' [Arh LP 1029] (O)

V/g with James Cotton,hca; Otis Spann,p; Jimmy Lee Morris,b; S.P. Leary,d.
62Wild wild woman [Arh LP 1029,515] (O)
63.I'm having a ball [Arh LP 1029] (O)
64.My trainfare out of town [Arh LP 1029] (O)
65.Keep on drinking [Arh LP 1029] (O)
66.Hot dog [Arh LP 1029] (O)
67.Come early in the morning [Arh LP 1029] (O)
68.Cross-cut saw [Arh LP 1029] (0)
69.Slam hammer [Arh LP 1029,515] (O)

Johnny Young's Southside Blues Band
V/g/mdn with Walter Horton,hca; Hayes Ware,b; Elgin Edmonds,d. Chicago, Dec 1965
70.One more time [Vng LP 9218] (P)
71.Kid man blues [Vng LP 9218] (P)
72.My black mare [Vng LP 9218] (P)
73.Stealin' back [Vng LP 9218] (P)
74.I got mine in time [Vng LP 9218] (P)
75.Tighten up on it [Vng LP 9218] (P)

Chicago String Band
V/g/mdn with John Wrencher,v/hca; John Lee Granderson,v/g; Carl Martin,v/vl. Chicago, 18 Jun 1966
76.The sun is sinking low [Te LP 2220] (Q)
77.Trouble on your hands [Te LP 2220] (Q)
78.Weeping & Moaning [Te LP 2220] (Q)
79.You know I do [Te LP 2220] (Q)
80.Hoodoo blues [Te LP 2220] (Q)
81.You got good business [Te LP 2220] (Q)
82.I got to find that woman [Te LP 2220] (Q)(Z)
83.Clean cut mama [Te LP 2220] (Q)
84.Railroad blues [Te LP 2220] (Q)
85.Don't sic your dog on me [Te LP 2220] (Q)
86.John Henry [Te LP 2220] (Q)
87.Memphis, Tenn., 1939 blues [Te LP 2220] (Q)
88.Take it easy baby [Te CD 5006] (Q)
89.Bye Bye Pete [Te CD 5006] (Q)
90.You know I love you [Te CD 6011] (L)

Johnny Young & Big Walter
V/g with Walter Horton,hca; Lafayette Leake,p; Jimmy Dawkins,g; Ernest Gatewood,b; Lester Dorsie,d. Chicago, 27 Nov 1967
91.Fumbling around [Arh LP 1037] (O)
92.Why did you break my heart [unissued]
93.North side [unissued]
94.Drinking straight whiskey [Arh LP 1037] (O)
95.Sleeping with the Devil [Arh LP 1037] (O)
96.Stockyard blues [Arh LP 1037] (O)
97.Walter's boogie [Arh LP 1037] (O)
98.On the road again [Arh LP 1037] (O)
99.Sometimes I cry [Arh LP 1037] (O)
100.Nobody knows Chicago [unissued]
101.Don't you lie to me [Arh LP 1037] (O)
102.Ring around [Arh CD 325] (O)
103.Strange girl [Arh LP 1037] (O)
104.Traveling man [unissued]
105.Rocks and gravel [unissued]
106.44 blues [unissued]

V/mdn with Otis Spann,p; S.P. Leary,d. New York City,
107.Let me ride your mule [Spivey LP 1013] (R)
108.Number 12 and 10 train [Spivey LP 1013] (R)

V/mdn with Paul Oscher,hca; Otis Spann,p; Sammy Lawhorn,g; S.P. Leary,d. Chicago, 6 Apr 1969
109.Moaning and groaning [BH LP-63852] (S)(Z)
110.Heard my doorbell ring [BH LP-63852] (S)(Z)
111.My trainfare home [BH LP-63852] (S)(Z)
112.Lula Mae [BH LP-63852] (S)(Z)
113.Jackson Bound [BH LP-63852] (S)(Z)
114.Walking slow [BH LP-63852] (S)(Z)
115.Deal the cards [BH LP-63852] (S)
116.Lend me your love [BH LP-63852](S)
117.Lorraine [BH LP-63852] (S)
118.Prison bound [BH LP-63852](S)
119.Little girl [BH LP-63852] (S)
120.Mean black snake [BH LP-63852] (S)
121.Go ahead on [unissued]
122.Stealin' away [unissued]
123.Johnny's mess around [unissued]

V/mdn with Lefty Dizz,g; unk b; d. Chicago, c.Apr 1970
124.Driving wheel [RL LP 0055] (T)
125.Walking groundhog [RL LP 0055] (T)

Bob Riedy Blues Band
V/mdn with Bob Riedy,p; Frank Capek,g; Chris Mason,sax; Jim Wydra,b; Sam Lay,d. Chicago, Late 1970s
126.Mandolin boogie [Rounder LP-2005] (U)
127.Why did you break my heart [Rounder LP-2005] (U)
128.Johnny's Jump [Rounder LP-2005] (U)

Mdn with W.D. Kent,b; Billy Davenport,d. Luney, 16 March 1972
128.Instrumental Boogie [L+R LS 42.018] (Y)

V/mdn/g(?) with Little Mack Simmons,hca; Bob Riedy,p; Louis Myers,g; Dave Myers, b; Fred Below,d. Chicago?, between 1971 and 1974
129.Trompin' at the ballroom [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
130.Blues before sunrise [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
131.Bad blood [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
132.Little girl, little girl [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
133.I'm goin', I'm goin' [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
134.Mandolin boogie [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
135.No. 12 is at the station [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
136.Mary Lou [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
137.My baby walked out [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
138.Why did you break my heart [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)
139.Nobody's business [Blues On Blues 10005] (V)

V/mdn with Louis Myers,g; Richard Evans,b; Bill Warren,d. 1973
140.Stop breaking down [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
141.I gotta find my baby [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
142.Deal the cards [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
143.Train fare out of town [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
144.I know she's kinda slick [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
145.Tried not to cry [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
146.Keep on drinking [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
147.Kid mama blues [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
148.Lend me your love [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
149.Sweet mama [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)
150.No.12 is at the station [BluesWay LP 6075] (W)


(A) Chicago Boogie 1947 (P-VINE PCD-1888)
(B) Snooky Pryor (Paula PCD-11)
(C) CAN'T KEEP FROM CRYING/Topical Blues on the Death of John F.Kennedy (P-VINE PCD-5587)
(D) Modern Chicago Blues (P-VINE PCD-5566)
(E) Johnny Young And His Friends (P-VINE PCD-5564)
(F) Blues Scene USA Vol.4/Mississippi Blues (TEICHIKU ULR-1815-R) [LP]
(G) Blues All Around My Bed (Storyville 181) [LP]
(H) Mandolin Blues (TESTAMENT TCD-6004)
(I) Ramblin' On My Mind (Milestone 3002) [LP]
(J) I BluesKvarter Vol.1 (Jefferson SBACD 12653/4)
(K) Southside Chicago (Python 10) [LP]
(L) Down Home Harp (P-VINE PCD 5575)
(M) And This Is Maxwell Street (P-VINE PCD 5527/28)
(N) Blues Southside Chicago (Decca 4784) [LP]
(O) Johnny Young and his Chicago Blues Band (P-VINE PCD 2504/ARHOOLIE 325)
(P) Chicago Blues Today vol.3 (VANGUARD VMD 79218)
(Q) The Chicago String Band (P-VINE PCD 5580)
(R) The Everlasting Blues vs. Otis Spann (SPIVEY 1013) [LP]
(S) Fat Mandolin (Blue Horizon 63852) [LP]
(T) 19 track the film Chicago Blues (P-VINE PCD 5332)
(U) Lake Michigan Ain't No River (Rounder 2005) [LP]
(V) Johnny Young plays and sings the blues with his gut-bucket mandolin (Blues On Blues 10005) [LP]
(W) I Can't Keep My Foot From Jumping (BluesWay BLS 6075) [LP]
(X) Chicago Blues Hard Times (Indigo IGOCD 2095)
(Y) American Folk Blues Festival '72 (L+R LS 42.018) [LP]
(Z) Back To Chicago (DELTA DCD-1874)

Big Walter Horton Discography 1951-1965

hca with poss Billy Love, p ; Joe Willie Wilkins, g ; unk d. Memphis, Jan 1951
1.Walter's Instrumental (A)(B)

V(except-1)/hca with poss Billy Love, p-2 ; unk, g ; Willie Nix, d. Memphis, Feb 1951
2.Cotton Patch Hotfoot -1 (C)(D)
3 What's The Matter With You (take 1) (C)(D)
4.What's The Matter With You (take 2) (C)(D)
5.Little Boy Blue (take 1)-2 (C)(D)
6.Little Boy Blue (take 2)-2 [Modern 20-809] (C)(D)
7.Blues In The Morning (C)(D)
8.Now Tell Me Baby (take1)-2 (C)(D)
9.Now Tell Me Baby (take2)-2 [Modern 20-809] (C)(D)
10.I'm In Love With You Baby (Walter's Blues) (take 1)-2 (C)(D)
11.I'm In Love With You Baby (Walter's Blues) (take 1)-2 (C)(D)

V/hca with Phineas Newborn, p ; Calvin Newborn, g ; unk d. Memphis, Jun 1951
12.Black Gal [RPM 338] (C)(D)
13.Hard Hearted Woman (C)(D)
14.Jumpin' Blues [RPM 338] (C)(D)
15.Go Long Woman (C)(D)

V-1/hca with Jack Kelly, p ; Joe Hill Louis, g ; Willie Nix, d. Memphis,15 Sep 1952
16.Little Walter's Boogie (take1) [Ch 1529] (B)(J)
17.Little Walter's Boogie (take2) (B)
18.West Winds Are Blowing (take1)-1 (B)
19.West Winds Are Blowing (take2)-1 [Ch 1529] (E)(J)

hca with Joe Hill Louis, hca/d ;Albert Williams, p. Memphis, 8 Des 1952
20.In The Mood (B)(E)
21.We All Got To Go (Sometime) (take1)
22.We All Got To Go (Sometime) (take2) (B)
23.We All Got To Go (Sometime) (take3)

Jimmy & Walter
hca with Jimmy DeBerry, g ; Houston Stokes, d. Memphis, 25 Feb 1953
24.Easy [Sun 180] (A)(E)

hca with Albert Williams, p ; Pat Hare, g ; Joe Hill Louis, d. Memphis, 28 May 1953
25.(Talkin')Off The Wall (A)

Big Walter & His Combo
V/hca with Red Holloway, John Cameron, ts ; Lafayette Leake, p ; Lee Cooper, g ; Willie Dixon, b ; Fred Below, d. Chicago, 1 Nov 1954
26.Hard Hearted Woman [States 145] (F)(G)(S)
27.Back Home To Mama [State 145] (F)(G)(S)

Shakey Horton
V/hca with Harold Ashby, ts ; Lafayette Leake, p ; Otis Rush, g ; Willie Dixon, b ; Al Duncan, d. Chicago, 1956
28.Have A Good Time [Cobra 5002] (C)(H)
29.Need My Baby (C)(I)
30.Need My Baby [Cobra 5002] (C)(H)

V-1/hca with Bobby Buster, org ; Buddy Guy, g ; Jack Meyers, b ; Willie Smith, d ; Willie Dixon, v-2. Chicago, 13/24 Jan 1964
31.Good Moanin' Blues-2 (J)
32.Gonna Bring It On Home-2 (J)
33.Groove Walk (J)
34.La Cucuracha (J)
35.John Henry (J)
36.Hard Hearted Woman-1 (J)
37.Wee Baby Blues-1 (J)
38.It's Alright (J) 39. Wrinkles (J)
40 Friday Night Stomp (J)

Walter Horton
V-1/hca with Robert Night Hawk, g. Chicago, 23 May 1964
41.Let's Have A Good Time-1 (K)
42.Mean Mistreater-1 (K)
43.I'm In The Mood-1 (K)
44.Louise, Louise-1 (K)
45.You Don't Mistreat Me-1 (K)
46.Trouble In Mind (K)

Shakey Horton
V/hca with Henry Gray, p ; Mighty Joe Young, Andrew Stephenson, g ; Willie Dixon, b ; Clifton James, d. Chicago, 1964
47.Can't Help Myself (L)
48.I Need My Baby Blues (M)
49.Have A Good Time (M)
50.Shakey Boogie [Python LP10] (R)
51.I'd Be The Same Way If I Could [Python LP10] (R)

V/hca with Jimmy Walker, p ; Johnny Young, g. Chicago, 1965
52.Everybody's Fishing (N)
53.Hard Hearted Woman (N)

V/hca with Buddy Guy, g ; Jimmy Lee Robinson, b ; Fred Below, d. Hamburg, 7 Oct 1965
54.Christine (O)(P)
55.Blues Harp Shuffle (P)

hca with Charlie Musselwhite, hca ; Johnny Shines, g ; Floyd Jones, b ; Frank Kirkland, d. Chicago, Dec 1965
56.Rockin' My Boogie (Q)

(A) Cotton Crop Blues (P-VINE PLP-310) [LP]
(B) The Be Bop Boy (Bear Family BCD 15524)
(C) Memphis Recordings 1951 (P-VINE PCD-3008)
(D) Mouth Harp Maestro (Ace CD-252)
(E) Sun Records Harmonica Classics (Rounder CD-SS-29)
(F) Harmonica Blues King (Pearl PL-12) [LP]
(G) Chicago Blues Masters (Laserlight 17043)
(H) Chicago Blues Harmonicas (Paula PCD-18)
(I) King Cobras (Flyright FLY 567) [LP]
(J) Soul of Blues Harmonica (MCA MVCM-22088)
(K) I BluesKvarter (Jefferson Records SBACD 12653/4)
(L) Blues Southside Chicago (Decca LP 4748/Flyright LP 521) [LP]
(M) Chicago Anthology (Sunnyland-101) [LP]
(N) Modern Chicago Blues (TESTAMENT TCD-5008)
(O) American Falk Blues Festivals 1963-1966 (P-VINE PCD 2192/3)
(P) American Folk Blues Festival(Evidence ECD 26100)
(Q) Chicago Blues Today (Vanguard VMD 79218)
(R) Southside Chicago (Python LP10) [LP]
(S) Harmonica Blues King (DELMARK 712 / P-VINE 5607)

Henry Gray Discography 1953-1970

V/p with Henry Strong,hca ; Morris Pejoe,g ; "Stovepipe",d. Chicago, 11 May 1953
1.I declare that ain't right [Ch(E) 6641 174] (A)(B)
2.I declare that ain't right [P-VINE PLP 6022] (B)
3.Matchbox blues [Ch(E) 6641 174] (A)(B)
4.Untitled Instrumental [MCA CHD4-9340] (A)

V/p with Prob Shakey Jake,hca ; Hudson Showers,g ; James Banister,d Chicago, 1955
5.Watch yourself [Relic 7015] (C)
6.That ain't right [Relic 7015] (C)
7.Goodbye baby [Relic 7015] (C)
8.You messed up [Relic 7015] (C)

V/p with unknown,saxes ; Morris Pejoe,g ; Andrew McMahon,b ; unknown,d. Chicago, 1960
9.How can you do it ? [Delmark DE-624] (D)

V/p with Lazy Lester,hca ; Wilfred moore, g ; Wilbert Moore, b ; Herbert Moore, d. Crowled, La., Mar 1970
10.You're my midnight dream [Blues Unlimited 1001] (E)
11.I'm a lucky, lucky man [Blues Unlimited 1001] (F)(G)
12.Cold Chills [Flyright LP 607] (G)
13.Tell me why [unissued]

V/p with Whispering Smith,hca-1 ; Clarence Edwards,g-1 ; Roy Lee Sheppard,g-2 ; Samuel Hogan, d. Baton Rouge, 27 Apr 1970
14.The blues won't let me take my rest-1 [Arhoolie LP 1054] (H)
15.Cpld chills-1 [Arhoolie LP 1054] (H)
16.Lucky lucky man-2 [Arhoolie LP 1054] (H)

V/p with Gregg Schaeffer,g(overdubbed) ; Roy Lee Sheppard,g ; Clarence Prophet, b ; Samuel Hogan, d. Baton Rouge, 13 Aug 1970
17.Can't last too long [Exlo LP 8015/6] (I)
18.Times are hard [unissued]

V-1/p. Baton Rouge, 15 Apr 1970
19.Gray's bounce [Exlo LP 8015/6] (I)
20.Worried life blues-1 [Exlo LP 8015/6] (I)
21.Showers of rain-1 [Exlo LP 8015/6] (I)

(A) Walkin' The Blues/The Blues Piano Chicago Style (MCAMVCM-22100)
(B) Chicago Piano-Ology (P-VINE PLP-6022) [LP]
(C) Hand Me Down Blues (RELIC 7015)
(D) Chicago Ain't Nothin' But A Blues Band (DELMARK DE 624)
(E) Louisiana Swamp Blues (Flyright FLYCD 09)
(F) More Louisiana Swamp Blues (Flyright FLYCD 24)
(G) Baton Rouge Blues (Flyright FLY 607) [LP]
(H) Louisiana Blues (Arhoolie CD 9004)
(I) Swamp Blues (ACE CDCHD 661)

John Brim Discography 1950-1956

John Brim Combo or Gracie Brim
Grace Brim, v/hca with James Watkins, Big Maceo Merriweather, p ; John Brim, g Detroit,1950
1.Strange Man [ Fortune 801] (A)
2.Strange Man ( (B)
3.Mean Man Blues [Fortune 801] (C)

John Brim or MRS. John Brim
v-1/g with Gracie Brim, v-2; Roosevelt Sykes, p Chicago, 1951
4.Dark Clouds-1 [Random 201] (D)(M)(O)
5.Lonesome Man Blues-1 [Random 201] (D)(M)(O)
6.Going Down The Line-2 [Random 202] (C)(E)(M)(O)
7.Leaving Daddy Blues [Randam 202] (O)

John Brim Trio
v/g with Sunnyland Slim, humming-1/p; Moody Jones, b. Chicago, 27, Sep 1951
8.Young And Wild (F)(G)(H)(M)(N)
9.I Love My Baby (F)(G)(H)(M)(N)
10.I Love My Baby (G)(N)
11.Trouble In The Morning [JOB 110] (F)(G)(H)(M)(N)
12.Humming Blues-1 [JOB 110] (F)(G)(H)(M)(N)

Grace Brim or John Brim & His Trio
v-1/g with Grace Brim, v-2/hca-3/d; Sunnyland Slim, p; Prob Eddie Taylor, g-4; unk b. Chicago, 22 Aug 1952
13.Man Around My Door-2,3 [JOB 117] (F)(G)(N)
14.Hospitality Blues-2 [JOB 117] (F)(G)(H)(N)
15.Hard Pill To Swallow-1,4 (F)(G)(H)(M)(N)
16.Hard Pill To Swallow-1,4 (I)
17.Drinking Woman-1 [JOB 1011] (C)(E)(F)(G)(M)(N)

v/g with Ernest Cotton, ts; Sunnyland Slim, p; Pete Franklin, g; Big Crawford, b; Alfred Wallace, d. Chicago, late 1952
18.Don't leave Me (F)(G)(H)(M)(N)
19.Moonlight Blues (F)(G)(H)(M)(N)

No details.
20.Couldn't Take My Rest [JOB unissued]
21.Where Have You Been So Long [JOB unissued]

John Brim or & His Gary Kings
v/g with Little Walter, hca; Louis Myers, David Myers, g; Fred Below, d. Chicago, Mar 1953
22.Rattlesnake [Ckr 769] (J)
23.It Was A Dream [Ckr 769] (K)

v/g with Little Walter, hca; Eddie Taylor, g; Elgin Evans, d. Chicago, 4 May 1953
24.Lifetime Baby (J)(K)
25.Ice Cream Man (J)(K)

& His Stompers
v-1/g with Jimmy Reed, hca; Eddie Taylor, g; Grace Brim, d. Chicago, Dec 1953
26.Tough Times-1 [Parrot 799] (J)(K)
27.Gary Stomp [Parrot 799] (J)(K)

& His Gary Kings
v/g with James Dalton, hca; W.C. Dalton, g; Grace Brim, d Chicago, Jan 1955
28.Go Away [Ch 1588] (K)
29.That Ain't Right [Ch 1588] (K)

v/g with Little Walter, hca; Robert Lockwood, g; Willie Dixon, b; Fred Below,d. Chicago, 5 Apr 1956
30.Be Careful [Ch 1624] (J)
31.You Got Me [Ch 1624] (J)

(A) Black Cat Trail (Mamlish S-3800) [LP]
(B) A Fortune Of Blues (Regency Records RR.119)
(C) Take A Little Walk With Me (Boogie Disease 101/2) [LP]
(D) Chicago Slickers (Nighthawk 102) [LP]
(E) Chicago Slickers Vol.2 (Nighthawk 107) [LP]
(F) Johnny Shines, John Brim & Floyd Jones (P-Vine PCD-2176)
(G) John Brim & Little Hudson (Flyright 568) [LP]
(H) Trouble In The Morning (KC CD 030)
(I) Otis Rush And Buddy Guy, The Final Takes And Others (Flyright 594) [LP]
(J) Whose Muddy Shoes (MCA-0009114)
(K) Genesis 3 (Chess(UK) 6641174) [LP]
(L) Hand Me Down Blues (Relic 7015)
(M) Authorized Blues ( Anna Bea Records ABCD-451)
(N) Chicago Blues Down-Homers ! (P-VINE PCD-24089)
(O) Roosevelt Sykes Vol 9 1947 - 1951(Document BDCD-6049)

Official John Brim Web site

J.B. Lenoir Discography 1951-1965

v/g with Snooky Pryor,hca; Sunnyland Slim,p; poss Eddie Taylor,g. Chicago
1.In the evening (A)(B)
2.Please don't go away (A)(B)

J.B. Lenoir & His Bayou Boys
v/g with Sunnyland Slim,p; Leroy Foster,g; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 1951
3.Deep in debt blues [Ch 1463] (B)
4.Carrie Lee [Ch 1463] (C)(D)
5.My baby told me [Ch 1449] (B)
6.Korea blues [Ch 1449] (C)(D)

J.B. Lenoir & His Combo
Omit Foster,g. Chicago, 22 Oct 1951
7.Play a little while [JOB 1102] (E)(F)
8.Louise [JOB 1102] (E)(F)
9.Let's roll (F)
10.Let's roll [JOB 112] (E)(F)
11.People are medding [JOB 112] (E)(F)
12.Little Mae [unissued]
13.I feel all right [unissued]

v/g with Sunnyland Slim,p; unk,b; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, late 1951
14.I have married (E)(F)
15.The mountain [JOB 1008] (E)(F)
16.I'll die tryin' [JOB 1016] (E)(F)
17.How much more [JOB 1008] (E)(F)

Add J.T. Brown,ts. Chicago, 12 Jan 1953
18.The mojo (E)(F)
19.The mojo [JOB 1012] (E)(F)
20.Slow down woman (E)(F)
21.Slow down woman (E)(F)
22.I want my baby (E)(F)
23.I want my baby [JOB 1016] (E)(F)
24.How can I leave [JOB 1012] (E)(F)

J.B. Lenoir
v/g with Lorenzo Smith,ts; Joe Montgomery,p; Al Galvin,d. Chicago, 6 Oct 1954
25.I'm in Korea [Parrot 802] (C)(D)(G)
26.Eisenhower blues (G)
27.Eisenhower blues [Parrot 802] (C)(D)(G)(N)
28.Tax paying blues [Parrot 802]

J.B. Lenore
29.Mama talk to your daughter [Parrot 809] (C)(D)(G)(N)
30.Man watch your woman [Parrot 809](C)(G)(N)
31.Sitting down thinking (C)(G)(N)

v/g with Alex Atkins,as; Ernest Cotton,ts; Joe Montgomery,p; Al Galvin,d. Chicago, 14 Mar 1955
32.Mama your daughter is going to miss me [Parrot 814] (C)(G)(N)
33.What have I done [Parrot 814] (C)(D)(G)(N)
34.We've both got to realise (C)(G)(N)
35.Give me one more shot (C)(G)(N)

Omit Atkins,as. Chicago, 1955
36.Fine girls [Parrot 821] (C)(G)
37.I lost my baby [Parrot 821] (G)

From above sessions.
38.I'm gonna die someday (G)

v/g with Alex Atkins,as; Ernest Cotton,ts; Joe Montgomery,p; Willie Dixon,b; Al Galvin,d. Chicago, 14 Sep 1955
39.Natural Man (C)(D)
40.Don't dog your woman (C)(D)
41.Let me die with the one I love [Ckr 844] (C)(D)
42.If I give my love to you [Ckr 844] (C)(D)
43.Lowdown dirty shame (C)(N)

Omit saxes-1. Chicago, 1955?
44.Lenoir blues-1 [Ch unissued]
45.Everybody wants to know (C)(D)(N)
46.If you love me (C)(N)
47.J.B.'s rock (C)(N)

J.B.Lenoir or J.B.Lenior
Similar. Chicago, 19 Dec 1956
48.Don't touch my head [Ckr 856] (C)(D)(N)
49.When I am drinking (C)(N)
50.I've been down so long [Ckr 856] (C)(D)(N)
51.Mama,What about your daughter[Ckr 874] (C)(D)
52.Five Years [Ckr 874] (C)(D)

v/g with Alex Atkins,as; Ernest Cotton,ts; Leonard Caston,org; Joe Montgomery,p; Robert Lockwood,g; Willie Dixon,b; Al Galvin,d; unk v grp-1 Chicago, 1958
53.Daddy talk to your son [Ckr 901] (B)
54.Daddy talk to your son (C)(N)
55.She don't know-1 [Ckr 901] (B)(D)
56.I don't know (C)(N)
57.good looking woman (C)(N)
58.Voodoo boogie (C)(N)

v/g with Junior Welles,hca; Ernest Cotton,ts; Joe Montgomery,p; Jesse Fowler,d. Chicago, 11 Aug 1958
59.Back door [Shad 5012] (H)
60.Lou Ella [Shad 5012] (H)

v/g with Alex Atkins,as; Ernest Cotton,ts; Joe Montgomery,p; Jesse Fowler,d. Chicago, 10 May 1960
61.Oh baby [VJ 352] (I)
62.Oh baby (H)
63.It's the thing [VJ unissued]
64.What can I do [VJ unissued]
65.Do what I say [VJ 352] (I)

v/g with Donald Hankins,ts; Jarrett Gibson,bs-1; Lafayette Leake,p; Milton Rector,b; Willie Smith,d; "Peeples",bgs-2; Willie Dixon,2nd v-3/speech-4. Chicago, 23 Jul 1963
66.I sing um the way I feel-2 (J)
67.I sing um the way I feel-2 (J)
68.I sing um the way I feel-2,4 [USA 744] (J)
69.I feel so good-1,3 (J)
70.I feel so good-1,3 [USA 744] (J)(K)

v/g with Lafayette Leake,p; Willie Dixon,b. Chicago, 1965
71.Korea blues (L)

v/g with Shakey Horton,hca. Hamburg, 8 Oct 1965
72.Slow down (M)(O)

(A) Goin' To Chicago Blues (Negro Rhythm Records 107)[LP]
(B) Fine Blues (Official 6049)[LP]
(C) A Memoir For Lenoir (P-VINE PLP-824/825)[LP]
(D) Natural Man (MCA 9323)
(E) The Mojo Boogie (P-VINE PCD-2164)
(F) J.B. Lenoir His JOB Recordings (Paula PCD 4)
(G) The Parrot Sessions (Relic 7020)
(H) J.B. Lenoir (Python Records PLP-25)[LP]
(I) Vee Jay, The Chicago Black Music (P-VINE PCD-5271/4)
(J) Out Of Bad Luck (Flyright Fly 590)[LP]
(K) The Way I Feel (Flyright FLY CD 43)/Chicago Blues Of The 60's(Paula PCD-23)
(L) Encore For The Chicago Blues (Spivey Records LP-1009)[LP]
(M) The Best Of American folk Blues Festivals (P-VINE PCD-2192/3)
(N) Mama Watch Your Daughter (Charly CDBM 47)
(O) American Folk Blues Festival-Highlights (Evidence ECD 26087)/American Folk Blues Festival (Evidence ECD 26100)

Sunnyland Slim Discography 1947-1970

Sunnyland Slim & Muddy Water
v/p with Muddy water,g; Big Crawford,b; unk d. Chicago, 1947
1.Johnson machine gun [Aristocrat 1301] (A)(B)(C)(Y)(@)
2.Fly right, little girl [Aristocrat 1301] (A)(B)(C)(Y)(@)

Doctor Clayton's Buddy
v with Blind John Davis,p; Big Bill Broonzy,g; Ransom Knowling,b; Judge Riley,d. Chicago, 10 Dec 1947
3.Farewell little girl [Victor 20-3235] (D)(Y)(@)
4.Broke and hungry [Victor 20-3085] (D)(Y)(@)
5.Illinois Central [Victor 20-2733] (D)(Y)(@)
6.Nappy head woman [Victor 20-2954] (D)(Y)(@)

Same. Chicago, 31 Dec 1947
7.Across the hall blues [Victor 20-3085] (D)(Y)(@)
8.Walking with the blues [Victor 20-3235] (D)(Y)(@)
9.Sweet Lucy blues [Victor 20-2733] (D)(Y)(@)
10.No whiskey blues [Victor 20-2954] (D)(Y)(@)

Sunnyland Slim & His Sunny Boys
v/p with Lonnie Johnson,g; Andrew Harris,b. Chicago, 1948
11.Jivin' boogie [Hytone 32] (E)(Y)(@)
12.Brown skin woman [Hytone 32] (E)(Y)(@)
13.My heavy load [Hytone 33,34] (B)(E)(Y)(@)
14.Keep your hands out of my money [Hytone 33,34] (B)(E)(Y)(@)
15.Miss Bessie Mae [Hytone 33]
16.The Devil is a busy man [Hytone 33]

v/p with unk ts; g; b.
17.5 foot 4 gal [Hytone 37] (@)
18.I've done you wrong [Hytone 37] (@)

Sunnyland Slim & Muddy Waters' Combo
v/p with Alex Atkins,as; Muddy Waters,g; Big Crawford,b. Chicago, Apr 1948
19.She ain't nowhere [Aristocrat 1304] (A)(B)(C)(Y)(@)
20.My baby my baby [Aristocrat 1304] (A)(B)(C)(Y)(@)

Delta Joe
v/p with Leroy Foster,g. Chicago, 1948
21.Roll, tumble and slip (I cried) [Opera OP-5,Chance 1115] (C)(Y)(@)
22.Train' time (4 o'clock blues) [Opera OP-5,Chance 1115] (C)(F)(Y)(@)

& His Sunnyland Boys (1001) or Muddy Water (1002)
p with Little Walter,v/hca-1; Floyd Jones,v-2/g; Muddy Waters,g-1; Leroy Foster,d; ensemble v-3. Chicago, 1948
23.Hard times-2 [Tempo-Tone 1001] (C)(F)(@)
24.School days-2 [Tempo-Tone 1001] (C)(F)(@)
25.Blue baby-1 [Tempo-Tone 1002] (C)(G)(@)
26.I want my baby-1,3 [Tempo-Tone 1002] (C)(F)(@)

v/p with Oliver Alcorn,ts; Robert Lockwood Jr.,g; Big Crawford,b. Chicago, 7 Apr 1949
27.Mud kicking woman [Mercury 8132] (B)(Y)(#)
28.Everytime I get to drinking [Mercuryury 8132] (B)(Y)(#)

v/p with Sam Casimir,g; Andrew Harris,b. Chicago, 26 Aug 1949
29.Sunnyland blues [JOB unissued]
30.Open book [JOB unissued]

& His Trio
Same. Chicago, 26 Aug 1949
31.Bad times [Delmark CD 655] (B)(H)
32.Bad times (Cost of living) [Apollo 416] (H)(#)
33.Hard times (When mother's gpne) [Delmark CD 655] (B)(H)(#)
34.Brown skin woman [Delmark CD 655] (B)(H)(#)
35.I'm just a lonesome man [Delmark CD 655] (B)(H)
36.I'm just a lonesome man [Apollo 416] (H)(#)

v/p with Snooky Pryor,hca; Leroy Foster,g. Chicago, Oct 1950
37.Back to Korea blues [Sunny 101] (I)(#)
38.It's all over now [Sunny 101] (I)(#)

v/p with Robert Lockwood Jr.,g; Moody Jones,b. Chicago, 22 Mar 1951
39.Down home child [JOB 102] (B)(J)(#)
40.Sunnyland Special [JOB 102] (B)(J)(#)

Sunnyland Trio
abb Billy Howell,ts-1; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 22 Mar 1951
41.Dust my broom [unissued]
42.Leaving your town (No name blues) [JOB 1003] (J)(#)
43.Mary Lee [JOB 1003] (K)(#)

Sunnyland Slim
v/p with Oliver Alcorn,ts; Robert Lockwood Jr.,g; Big Crawford,b; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 19 Apr 1951
44.I done you wrong [Airway LP 4279] (B)(#)
45.Orphan boy blues [Regal 3327] (B)(#)
46.When I was young (Shake it baby) [Regal 3327] (B)(#)
47.Shake it baby (alt tk) ["Aftre Hour Blues" Biograph LP 12010] (#)
48.(Low down) Sunnyland train [Airway LP 4279] (B)(#)

v/p with Robert Lockwood Jr.,g; Moody Jones,b; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 9 Dec 1951
49.Ain't nothing but a child [Mercury 8277] (B)(E)(#)
50.Brown skinned woman [Mercuryury 8277] (B)(E)(#)
51.Hit the road again [Mercuryury 8264] (B)(E)(#)
52.Gin drinkin' baby [Mercuryury 8264] (B)(E)(#)

& His Boys or John Brim (JOB 1011)
v/p with unk v-1; Little Pete Franklin,g; Big Crawford,b/mrcs; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 1952
53.Shake it baby-1 [JOB 1105]
54.Woman trouble (Overnite) [JOB 1105,1011) (B)(K)
55.City of New Orleans [unissued]

v-1/p with Johnny Shines,v-2; J.T. Brown,ts(except-3); J.b. Lenoir,g; Moody Jones,b; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 12 Jan 1953
56.When I was young-1 ["A Bucket Of Blues" Constellation LP 6] (L)
57.Bassology ["A Bucket Of Blues" Constellation LP 6] (L)
58.Worried about my baby-1 ["A Bucket Of Blues" Constellation LP 6] (L)
59.Livin' in the White House-2,3 ["A Bucket Of Blues" Constellation LP 6]
60.Please don't-2 ["A Bucket Of Blues" Constellation LP 6]

v/p with Snooky Pryor,hca; Eddie Taylor or Floyd Jones,g; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 3 Feb 1953
61.Troubles of my own [VJ unissued]
62.Worried about my baby [VJ unissued]
63.I done you wrong [VJ unissued]
64.Be my baby [VJ unissued]
65.Steady pistol [VJ unissued]

v/p with Snooky Pryor,hca; Eddie Taylor or Floyd Jones,g. Chicago, 1954
66.Going back to Memphis [Blue Lake 105] (E)(N)
67.Devil is a busy man [Blue Lake 105] (E)(N)

add Big Crawford,d/mrcs.
68.Shake it baby [Blue Lake 107] (E)
69.Bassology [Blue Lake 107] (E)

& His Playboys(JOB) or with Lefty Bates Combo(Club 51)
v/p with Ernest Cotton,ts; Robert Lockwood Jr.,g-1; Prince Candy,g-2; Moody Jones,b; Alfred Wallace,d.
70.Four [or 'Fore] day bounce-2 [JOB 1108] (K)(L)
71.That woman (You have heard of a woman)-1 [Paula CD 15] (K)

v/p with Red Holloway,ts; Louis Myers, Lefty Bates,gs; unk b; d. Chicago, 1955
72.Be mine alone [Club 51 C-106]
73.Sad and lonesome [Club 51 C-106]

Sunnyland Slim
v/p with Walter Horton,hca; Jimmy Rogers,g; Poor Bob Woodfork,b-g; Willie Dixon,b; S.P. Leary,d. Speech/p with Rogers,g,only-1. Chicago, 1956
74.It's you baby [Cobra 5006] (K)(L)
75.Highway 61 [Flyr LP 594] (K)(L)
76.Highway 61 [inc] [Flyr LP 594] (M)
77.Highway 61 [Flyr LP 594] (M)
78.Highway 61 [Cobra 5006] (K)(L)
79.Blues-1 [Flyr LP 594] (M)

v/p with unk g; Corky Robertson,b; Jump Jackson,d. Chicago, 1959
80.Something is going wrong ["Chicago Rock" Redita LP 108]]

Omit unk g. v with Little Brother Montgomery,p,only-1 Chicago, 14 Jul 1960
81.One room country shack [77 LP 12/21] (O)
82.Brownskin woman [77 LP 12/21] (O)
83.I got the blues about my baby [77 LP 12/21] (O)
84.Devil is a busy man [77 LP 12/21] (O)
85.Prison bound-1 [77 LP 12/21] (O)
86.Everytime I get to drinkin'-1 [77 LP 12/21] (O)
87.La Salle Street boogie [77 LP 12/21] (O)
88.Depression blues ["Chicago Blues" Southland CD 10]
89.Sad and lonesome ["Chicago Blues" Southland CD 10]
90.Disc jockey special-1 ["Chicago Blues" Southland CD 10]

v/p with King Curtis,ts(except-1); Robert Banks,org; Leonard Gaskin,b; Belton Evans,d. Englewood Cliffs, NJ, 15 Sep 1960
91.I'm prison bound-1 [Bv LP 1016] (P)
92.Slim's shout [Bv LP 1016] (P)
93.The devil is a busy man [Bv LP 1016] (P)
94.Brownskin woman [Bv LP 1016] (P)
95.Shake it [Bv LP 1016] (P)
96.Decoration Day [Bv LP 1016] (P)
97.Baby how long [Bv LP 1016] (P)
98.Sunnyland special [Bv LP 1016] (P)
99.Harlem can't be Heaven-1 [Bv LP 1016] (P)
100.It's you baby [Bv LP 1016] (P)
101.Everytime I get to drinkin' [OBC CD 558] (P)
102.Tired of your clowning [OBC CD 558] (P)

v/p with J.T. Brown,ts; Matt Murphy,g; S.P. Leary,d. Chicago, c.1960
103.Recession blues [Atomic H NI] (Q)
104.Everything's gonna be alright [Atomic H NI] (Q)

v/p with Gilbert Potter, Oett "Sax" Mallard,ts; Robert Lockwood Jr.,g; Lee Jackson,b; Jump Jackson,d. Chicago, 1961
105.Worried about my baby [Miss 117]
106.Drinking and clowning [Miss 117]

v/p with Homesick James,b. Chicago, 17 May 1963
107.Every time I got to drinking [Delmark LP 626] (R)
108.Poor boy [Delmark CD 626] (R)
109.My baby is coming with a marriage licence [Delmark LP 626] (R)
110.Depression blues [Delmark CD 626] (R)

v/p with St. Louis Jimmy,hca. Chicago, 9 Jul 1963
111.Lend me your love ["Rare Blues" Takoma LP 7081]

v/org with Homesick James, Evans Spencer,gs; Washboard Sam,wb. Chicago, 26 Mar 1964
112.Won't do that no more [unissued]
113.Won't do that no more ["Chicago Blues" Spivey LP 1003]
114.Won't do that no more [unissued]
115.Drinking ["Chicago Blues" Spivey LP 1003]
116.untitled instrumental [unissued]

Sunnyland Slim
v/p with Mike Bloomfield,g. Chicago, 19 May 1964
117.Brownskin woman [Jefferson SBACD 12653/4] (S)
118.The Devil is a busy man [unissued]
119.I've done you wrong [unissued]
120.It's you baby [Python LP 10] (S)
121.One room country shack [Python LP 10] (S)
122.Prison bound [unissued]
123.Sunnyland jump [Jefferson SBACD 12653/4] (S)
124.Rock me baby Take 2 [Jefferson SBACD 12653/4] (S)

v/p with Buddy Guy,g; unk b; d. Chicago, 1964
125.I got to get to my baby ["Blues-Southside Chicago" De LP 4748]
126.Every time I get to drinking ["Blues-Southside Chicago" De LP 4748]

v/p. Copenhagen, 8 Oct 1964
127.Prison bound blues [Sv LP 169] (T)
128.Johnson machine gun [Sv LP 169] (T)
129.Miss Ida B [Sv LP 169] (T)
130.Sad and lonesome blues [Sv LP 169] (T)
131.That's alright [Sv LP 169] (T)
132.Anna Lou blues [Sv LP 169] (T)
133.I done you wrong [Sv LP 169] (T)
134.It's you baby [Sv LP 169] (T)
135.Tin Pan Alley [Sv LP 169] (T)
136.Brown skin woman [Sv LP 169] (T)
137.You're the one [Sv LP 169] (T)
138.Going down slow [Sv LP 169] (T)
139.Woman trouble blues [Sv LP 168] (T)
140.Sittin' here thinkin' [Sv LP 168] (T)
141.One room country shack [Sv LP 188] (T)
142.Sunnyland's back beat boogie [Sv LP 213] (T)

v/p with Hubert Sumlin,g(except-1); Willie Dixon,b(escept-2); Clifton James,d(except-1). Hamburg, 9 Oct 1964
143.Everytime I get to drinkin' [Fon LP 5225] (U)
144.Levee camp moan-1,2 [Scout LP 1] (U)

Same. East Berlin, 1 Nov 1964
145.It's you, my baby [Amiga LP 850] (U)
146.Everytime I get to drinkin' [Amiga LP 850] (U)
147.We gonna jump [Amiga LP 850] (U)
148.Too late for me to pray [Amiga LP 850] (U)
149.Leavy camp moan-1 [Amiga LP 850] (U)

v/g with Hubert Sumlin,g. Chicago,
150.Too late to pray [B&B LP 101] (V)
151.House rock [B&B LP 101] (V)

v/p with Shakey Horton,hca; Johnny Shines,g; Willie Dixon,b; Clifton James,d. Chicago, 10 Jun 1968
152.Heartache [unissued]
153.Got to my baby [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
154.Heartache [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
155.Stepmother [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
156.Midnight jump [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
157.Depression blues [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
158.Stella Mae [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
159.Layin' in my cell sleepin' [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
160.I am the blues [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
161.Sunnyland Special [BH LP 7-63213] (W)
162.Lowland blues [BH LP 7-63213] (W)

v/p with George Smith,hca; Luther Allison, Mick Taylor,gs; Robert Elem,b; Francis Clay,d. Los Angeles, 2 Oct 1968
163.You used to love me [WP LP 21890] (X)
164.My past life [WP LP 21890] (X)
165.She's used to love me [WP LP 21890] (X)
166.Substitute woman [WP LP 21890] (X)
167.Canada walk [unissued]
168.Blue and lonesome [unissued]
169.Goin' back to Memphis [unissued]

v/org with George Smith,hca; Lloyd Glenn,p; Luther Allison,g-1;Steve Aaberg,g-2; Lowell Fulson,g-3; Robert Elem,b; Francis Clay,d.Org with Glenn,p,only-4. Los Angeles, 3 Oct 1968
170.Blue and lonesome-1,2 [WP unissued]
171.Dust my broom-1,2 [WP unissued]
172.Come day go day-1,2 [WP unissued]
173.Well alright-2,3 [WP unissued]
174.The Devil is a busy man-1,3 [WP unissued]
175.Pintop's boogie woogie-4 [WP unissued]

v-1/p with George Smith,v-2,hca; Al Wilson,2nd hca-3/g-4; Henry Vestine,g-5; Larry Taylor,b; Paul Lagos,d. Add Bob Hite,v-2; Paul Lagos, Henry Vestine, Richie Moore, Steve La Vere,background speech replace b & d-2. Los Angeles, 24 Oct 1968
176.Going back to Memphis-1,4,5 [WP LP 21890] (X)
177.Dust my broom-1,4,5 [WP LP 21890] (X)
178.Unlucky one-1,5 [WP LP 21890] (X)
179.Canada walk [unissued]
180.Jumpin' after midnight [unissued]
181.Blue and lonesome-3 [unissued]
182.Hot house stuff-2 [unissued]

v/p with George Smith,hca-1; Luther Allison,v-1,g; Randy Fullerton,g-2; Curtis Tillman,b; Gus Wright,d. v/p with Shakey Jake,hca; Big Mama Thornton,d, only-3. Los Angeles, 29 Oct 1968
182.Got to get to my baby-1 [WP LP 21890] (X)
183.Miss Bessie Mae-2 [WP LP 21890] (X)
184.Everytime I get to drinkin'-2 [WP LP 21890] (X)
185.Midnight stomp-2 [unissued]
186.Little girl blues-3 [WP LP 21890] (X)

v/p with Johnny Shines,g; Willie Dixon,b; Clifton James,d. poss 1969
187.Blues drove me out of my mind ["The All Star Blues World" Spivey LP 1011]

v/p with Johnny Shines, Mike Stewart,gs. Chicago, Sep 1969
188.Rolling and tumbling ["Really Chicago blues" Adelphi LP 1005]
189.Cuttin' out blues ["Really Chicago blues" Adelphi LP 1005]
190.She got a thing going on ["Really Chicago blues" Adelphi LP 1005]

(A) The Aristocrat Of The Blues (Chess MCA 9387) / Chess Box (Chess MCA 9340) / Walki' The Blues (Chess MCA MVCM-22100)
(B) Patriarch Of The Blues (OPAL OCD 110)
(C) Chicago Blues Hard Times (Indigo IGOCD 2095)
(D) Doctor Clayton and his Buddies (Old Tramp OTCD-05)
(E) Devil Is A Busy Man (Official 6043) [LP]
(F) Chicago Slickers 1948-1953 (Nighthawk 102) [LP]
(G) Chicago Slickers vol.2 1948-1955 (Nighthawk 107) [LP]
(H) House Rent Party (Delmark 655)
(I) Home Again Blues (Mamlish S-3799) [LP]
(J) Johnny Shines & Robert Lockwood (Paula PCD-14)
(K) Chicago Piano (Paula CD-15)
(L) Sunnyland Slim & J.B. Lenoir The Mojo Boogie (P-VINE PCD-2164)
(M) Otis Rush and Buddy Guy The Final Tales and others (Flyright FLY 594) [LP]
(N) Hand Me Down Blues (RELIC 7015)
(O) The La Salle Chicago Blues Recordings vol.1 (Wolf 120.296 CD)
(P) Slim's Shout (OBC CD 558-2)
(Q) Chicago Ain't Nothin' But A Blues Band (Delmark 642)
(R) Blues Piano Orgy (Delmark 626)
(S) I Blueskvater vol.1 (Jefferson SBACD 12653/4)
(T) Blues Masters Vol.8 (Storyville STCD 8008)
(U) Blues Anytime! (EVIDENCE ECD 26052)
(V) Bea & Baby Records Vol.1 (Wolf 120.293 CD)
(W) Midnight Jump (Columbia/Blue Horizon COL 478290 2)
(X) Slim's Got His Thing Goin' On (Sequel NEXCD 212)
(Y) The Walking Cycloon (ZIRCON Bleu 516)
(@) The Chronological Sunnyland Slim1947-1948 (Classics 5013)
(#) The Chronological Sunnyland Slim1949-1951 (Classics 5035)

Floyd Jones Discography

with Snooky & Moody
V/g with Snooky Pryor,hca/speech-1; Moody Jones,g. Chicago, 1947
1.Stockyard blues-1 [Marvel 702, Old Swingmaster 22] (A)(C)(D)
2.Keep what you got [Marvel 702, Old Swingmaster 22] (B)(C)(D)

Sunnyland Slim & His Sunnyland Boys
V/g with Sunnyland Slim,p; Leroy Foster,d. Chicago, 1948
3.Hard times [Tempo-Tone 1001] (D)(E)
4.School days [Tempo-Tone 1001] (D)(E)

Floyd Jones
V/g with Billy Howell,tp-1; Sunnyland Slim,p; Moody Jones,b; unk d. Chicago, 22 Mar 1951
5.Big world-1 [JOB 1001] (F)(G)(H)(U)
6.Dark Road [JOB 1001] (G)(H)(I)(U)

Floyd Jones & His Guitar
V/g with Little Walter or Junior Wells,hca; Jimmy Rogers or Little Walter,g; Elgin Edmonds or Willie Coven,d. Chicago, 29 Dec 1951
7.Dark road [Chess 1498] (G)(J)
8.Big world [Chess 1498] (G)
9.Overseas [Chess LP 6499 862] (G)(J)
10.Playhouse [Ch LP 411] (G)(J)

V/g with Junior Wells or Little Walter,hca; Jimmy Rogers,g; Albert King or Elgin Edmonds,d. Chicago, 17 Sep 1952
11.You can't live long [Chess 1527] (G)(J)
12.Early morning [Chess 1527] (E)(G)

Floyd Jones & Band
V-1/g with Snooky Pryor,hca; Sunnyland Slim,p; Eddie Taylor,g; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 3 Feb 1953
13.Schooldays (On my mind)-1 [Vee Jay 111] (K)(L)(M)
14.Ain't times hard-1 [Vee Jay 111] (K)(L)(M)
15.Floyd's blue(s) [Vee Jay 126] (K)(L)(N)
16.Any old lonesome day-1 [Vee Jay 126] (K)(L)(M)(N)

Floyd Jones & His Trio
V/g with Sunnyland Slim,p; Moody Jones,b; unk d. Chicago, 1953
17.I lost a good woman [Flyright LP 584] (G)(H)(I)(U)
18.Skinny mama [JOB 1013] (G)(H)(I)(U)
19.Rising wind [Flyright LP 584] (G)(H)(I)(U)
20.On the road again [JOB 1013] (G)(I)(U)
21.I'm gonna buy a big knife [unissued]

V/g with Walter Shakey Horton,hca; Otis Spann,p; Eddie Taylor,b; Fred Below,d. Chicago Jun 1966
22.Rising wind [Testament LP 2214] (O)
23.Stockyard Blues [Testament LP 2214] (O)
24.M & O blues [Testament LP 2214] (O)
25.Dark road [Testament LP 2214] (O)
26.Hard times [Testament LP 2214] (O)
27.Playhouse blues [Testament LP 2218] (O)
28.Sweet talkin' woman [Testament LP 2218] (O)

Walter Horton & Floyd Jones
V/g with Walter Horton,v/hca. Chicago 1970
29.Juke [Delta-1000] (P)
30.I hate to see the sun go down [Delta-1000] (P)
32.Goin' Back to ST. Louis [Delta-1000] (P)
33.Crawling king snake [Delta-1000] (P)
34.Ain't it a shame [Delta-1000] (P)

Same. Chicago 1975
35.She's Got A Nickel(Telephone Blues) [Magnolia MLP301] (Q)
36.Don't Get Around Much Anymore [Magnolia MLP 301] (Q)
37.Stockyard Blues [Magnolia MLP 301] (Q)
38.When The Moon Rise High [Magnolia MLP 301] (Q)
39.Talk About Your Daddy [Magnolia MLP 301] (Q)
40.Mr.Freddies Blues [Magnolia MLP 301] (Q)
41.Hey Little Girl [Magnolia MLP 301] (Q)
42.Overseas Blues [Magnolia MLP 301] (Q)
43.Take A Little Walk [Magnolia MLP 301] (Q)

Old Friends
V/g with Sunnyland Slim,p; Honeyboy Edwards,g; Kansas City Red,d. Chicago, 8 and 9 June 1979
44.Banty Rooster [Earwig LPS-4902] (R)
45.Mr. Freddy Blues [Earwig LPS-4902] (R)
46.Over The Seas Blues [Earwig 4902CD] (R)
47.Goin' Down Slow [Earwig CD 4942] (V)

Floyd Jones
V/g. Chicago 1984
48.Take A Little Walk With Me (S)(T)
49.Stockyard Blues (T)

(A) Chicago Blues The Early 1950's (Blues Classics 8) [LP]
(B) On The Road Again (Muskadine 100) [LP]
(C) Snooky Pryor (Paula PCD-11)
(D) Chicago Blues Hard Times (Indigo IGOCD-2095)
(E) Chicago Slikers (Nighthawk 102) [LP]
(F) Chicago Piano (Paula PCD-15)
(G) Floyd Jones/On The Road Again (P-VINE PLP-9028) [LP]
(H) Johnny Shines, John Brim & Floyd Jones (P-VINE PCD-2176)
(I) Blues Is Killin' Me (Paula PCD-19)
(J) Drop Down Mama (MCM/Chess CHC-93002)
(K) VJ The Chicago Black Music (P-VINE PCD-5271/4)
(L) Ain't Times Hard (Charly R&B CRB-1017) [LP]
(M) Vivian & Jimmy's Blues Showcase (TEICHIKU Records ULS-1913-JY) [LP]
(N) Chicago Slikers vol.2 (Nighthawk 107) [LP]
(O) Floyd Jones-Eddie Taylor (Testament TCD-5001)
(P) King Of The Harmonica Players (Delta 1000) [LP]
(Q) Do Nothing Til You Hear From Us (Magnolia MLP 301) [LP]
(R) Old Friends (Earwig 4902 CD)
(S) Chicago Blues Session vol.2 (Wolf 120.848) [LP]
(T) Chicago Blues Legends (Wolf 120.863 CD)
(U) Chicago Blues Down-Homers ! (P-VINE PCD-24089)
(V) Sunnyland Slim / She Got A Thing Goin' On [Earwig CD 4942]

Moody Jones Discography

V/g with Snooky Pryor,hca-1; Sunnyland Slim,p-2; Unknown,g-3; Unknown,d. Chicago, 28 Apr 1952

1.Rough Treatment-1 [Flyright LP 565] (A)(B)
2.Rough Treatment-1,3 [Flyright LP 565] (A)(B)(C)(G)
3.Why Should I Worry-1 [Flyright LP 565] (A)(B)
4.Why Should I Worry-3 [Flyright LP 565] (A)(C)(D)(G)
5.Please Somebody-2,3 [Flyright LP 565] (A)(C)(E)(F)(G)

(A) Snooky Pryor & Moody Jones (Flyright LP 565) [LP]
(B) Snooky Pryor (Paula PCD-11)
(C) Chicago Blues: A Quarter Century (P-VINE PCD-2130/32)
(D) Trouble In The Morning (KC CD-03)
(E) Blues Is Killing Me (Juke Joint 1501) [LP]
(F) Chicago Piano (Paula PCD-15)
(G) Chicago Blues Down-Homers ! (P-VINE PCD-24089)

Johnny Shines Discography 1946 - 1970

Johnny Shines
V/g with poss Big Bill Broonzy, g; unk d. Chicago, 24 Feb 1946
1.Tennessee woman blues [Testament LP 2207] (A)(B)(C)
2.Delta pine blues [Testament LP 2207] (A)(B)(C)
3.Ride, ride mama [Testament LP 2207] (A)(B)(C)
4.Evil-hearted woman blues [Testament LP 2207] (A)(B)(C)

Shoe Shine Johnny
V/g with Little Walter,hca; Jimmy Rogers,g; Big Crawford,b. Chicago, 23 Oct 1950
5.Joliet blues [Chess 1443] (A)(D)
6.So glad found you [Chess 1443] (A)(D)

Johnny Shines
V/g with Moody Jones,g -2; Alfred Elkins,b -1; unk d -2. Chicago, 28 Apr 1952
7.Ramblin' -1 [JOB 116] (E)(F)(R)(V)
8.Fish tail -1 [Flyright LP 563] (E)(F)(V)
9.Cool driver -2 [JOB 116] (E)(F)(R)(V)
10.Ain't doin' no good -2 [Flyright LP 563] (E)(F)(V)

Sunnyland Slim
V/g with Sunnyland Slim,p; J.T. Brown,ts; J.B. Lenoir,g; Moody Jones,b; Alfred Wallace,d. Chicago, 12 Jan 1953
11.Living in the white house [Constellation LP 6] (G)(S)(V)
12.Please don't [Constellation LP 6] (G)(T)(V)
13.Please don't [P-VINE CD 2176] (G)(V)

Johnny Shines
V/g with Walter Horton,hca; unk, b. Chicago, 22 Jan 1953
14.Evening shuffle [P-VINE CD 2176] (G)(V)
15.Evening shuffle [P-VINE LP 705] (E)(F)(G)(V)
16.Evening Sun [JOB 1010] (E)(F)(G)(U)(V)
17.No name blues [P-VINE LP 705] (E)(F)(G)(V)
18.Brutal hearted woman [JOB 1010] (E)(F)(G)(U)(V)
19.Gonna call the angel [P-VINE LP 705] (E)(F)(G)(V)
20.Gonna call the angel [P-VINE LP 705] (E)(F)(G)(V)

The Johnny Shines Blues Band or The Johnny Shines Band
V/g with Walter Horton,hca(except -1); Floyd Jones,b; Frank Kirkland,d. Chicago, Dec 1965
21.Dynaflow -1 [Vanguard LP (7)9218] (H)
22.Black spider blues [Vanguard LP (7)9218] (H)
23.Layin' down my shoes and clothes [Vanguard LP (7)9218] (H)
24.If I get lucky [Vanguard LP (7)9218] (H)
25.Mr. Boweevil -1 [Vanguard LP (7)9218] (H)
26.Hey, Hey [Vanguard LP (7)9218] (H)

Johnny Shines
V/g with Walter Horton,hca, v -1; Otis Spann,p; Lee Jackson,b; Fred Below,d. Omit hca -2; p-3; d -4. Chicago, Jun 1966
27.Rollin' & Tumblin' -2.3 [Testament LP 2212] (I)
28.Trouble is all I see [Testament LP 2212] (I)
29.Mr. Tom Green's farm -2.3.4 [Testament LP 2212] (I)
30.Mr. black mare [Testament LP 2212] (I)
31.What Kind Of Little Girl Are You? [Testament LP 2212] (I)
32.So cold in Vietnam -2.3 [Testament LP 2212] (I)
33.Sweet home chicago [Testament LP 2212] (I)
34.Walkin' blues -2.3 [Testament LP 2212] (I)
35.Black panther [Testament LP 2212] (I)
36.Two trains runnin' -2.3 [Testament LP 2212] (I)
37.You don't have to go [Testament LP 2217] -2 (J)
38.Till I made my tonsils sore [Testament LP 2217] -2 (J)
39.Worried life blues [Testament LP 2217] -2 (J)
40.I want to warn you [Testament LP 2217] -2 (J)
41.G.B. blues [Testament CD 5015] (J)

V/g with Walter Horton,hca; Otis Spann,p -1; Willie Dixon,b; Clifton James,d. Chicago, 10 Jun 1968
42.Pipeline blues [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
43.Solid gold [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
44.From dark 'til dawn [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
45.I will be kind to you [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
46.Last night's dream [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
47.Baby don't you think I know [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
48.I don't know [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
49.Black panther [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
50.I had a good home [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)
51.Mean fisherman [Blue Horizon LP 7-63212] (K)

V/g with Walter Horton,hca; Luther Allison,g; Prince Candy,b; Bill Brown,d. Los Angeles, Jan 1969
52.Hello central [Testament LP 2217] (J)
53.Sneakin' and hidin' [Testament LP 2217] (J)
54.Sneakin' and hidin' Part 2 [Testament CD 5015] (J)
55.Fat mama [Testament LP 2217] (J)
56.I cry, I cry [Testament LP 2217] (J)
57.I cry, I cry (alt. take) [Testament CD 5015] (J)
58.If it ain't me [Testament LP 2217] (J)

Chicago Blues All Stars
V/g with Sunnyland Slim,p; Willie Dixon,b; Clifton James,d; Shirley Dixon,tamb. Chicago, May 1969
59.Lonesome bedroom blues [Spivey LP-1011] (L)

Chicago Blues All Stars
V/g with Sunnyland Slim,p; Walter Horton,hca; Willie Dixon,b; Clifton James,d. Cologne (G), 1 Jul 1969
60.Fat mama [MPS LP 15.244] (M)
61.See see rider [MPS LP 15.244] (M)
62.I love the world [MPS LP 15.244] (M)

Johnny Shines
V/g with Shaky Horton,hca -1; Sunnyland Slim, v -2/p(except -1); Big Joe Williams,v -2/kazoo -3; Honeyboy Edwards,g -1; Mike Stewart,g. Chicago, Sep 1969
63.Two long freight trains [Adelphi LP 1005] (N)
64.As long as the world stands -3 [Adelphi LP 1005] (N)
65.Evening sun -3 [Adelphi LP 1005] (N)
66.For the love of Mike -1 [Adelphi LP 1005] (N)
67.Poor man's tonic -3 [Adelphi LP 1005] (N)
68.Bye bye baby -2 [Adelphi LP 1005] (N)

V/g. Altadena, Ca, 11 & 17 Nov 1970
69.Standing at the crossroads [Testament LP 2221] (O)
70.Milk cow's troubles [Testament LP 2221] (O)
71.Death hearse blues [Testament LP 2221] (O)
72.Drunken man's prayer [Testament LP 2221] (O)
73.Hoo-doo snake doctor blues [Testament LP 2221] (O)
74.It's a lowdown dirty shame [Testament LP 2221] (O)
75.How long [Testament CD 5022] (O)
76.Crying black angel [Testament CD 5022] (O)
77.Down in spirit [Testament CD 5022] (O)
78.Your troubles can't be like mine [Testament LP 2221] (O)
79.Kind-Hearted woman [Testament LP 2221] (O)
80.Baby sister blues [Testament LP 2221] (O)
81.My rat [Testament LP 2221] (O)
82.Don't take a country woman [Testament LP 2221] (O)
83.King-Hearted woman (alt. take) [Testament CD 5022] (O)
84.Death hearse blues (alt. take) [Testament CD 5022] (O)
85.Crucial Moment [Testament CD 5021] (P)

V/g with David Ii,b; Mat Dove,p; Philip Walker,g; Charles Jones,b; Murl Downey,d. V/g only -1. Los Angeles, Dec 1970
86.Give my heart a break [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
87.Too lazy -1 [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
88.Moaning & groaning [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
89.Just a little tenderness [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
90.I know the winds are blowing -1 [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
91.Just call me [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
92.My love can't hide [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
93.Skull & crossbones blues -1 [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
94.Vallie Lee -1 [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
95.Can't get along with you -1 [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
96.Have to pay the cost [Advent LP 2803] (Q)
97.Ramblin' [Hightone CD 8028] (Q)
98.Doctor painless [unissued]

(A) Chicago Blues vol.1 (Document DOCD-5270)
(B) Chicago Blues : The Beginning (Testament T-2207) [LP]
(C) Okeh Chicago Blues (EPIC ESCA-7503-4)
(D) Drop Down Mama (MCA Chess MCD-93002)
(E) Robert Jr. Lockwood & Johnny Shines : Sweet Home Chicago The JOB Sessiones 1951-1955 (P-VINE PCD-24051)
(F) Johnny Shines & Robert Lockwood (Paula PCD-14)
(G) Johnny Shines, John Brim & Floyd Jones : Original JOB Recordings, 1951-53 (P-VINE PCD-2176)
(H) Chicago Blues Today vol.3 (Vanguard VMD-79218)
(I) The Johnny Shines Band (Testament TCD-5002 / P-VINE PCD-5565)
(J) Johnny Shines with Big Walter Horton (Testament TCD-5015 / P-VINE PCD-5586)
(K) Last Night's Dream (Sire 45285)
(L) The All Star Blues World (Spivey 1011) [LP]
(M) Loaded With The Blues (MPS LP 15.244) [LP]
(N) Really Chicago's Blues vol.1 (Adelphi AD-1005) [LP]
(O) Standing at the Crossroads (Testament TCD-5022)
(P) Bottleneck Blues (Testament TCD-5021 / P-VINE PCD-5576)
(Q) Johnny Shines with Philip Walker (Hightone HCD-8028 / P-VINE PCD-2103)
(R) Chicago Slickers 1948-1953 (Nighthawk 102) [LP]
(S) Chicago Slickers vol.2 1948-1955 (Nighthawk 107) [LP]
(T) Windy City Blues 1935-1953 (Nighthawk 101) [LP]
(U) On The Road Again (Muskadine 100) [LP]
(V) Evening Shuffle The Complete J.O.B. Recordings 1952-53 (Westside WESM 635)



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